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Facialist Dangene McKay Bailey-simply Dangene to most-has worked with a range of the world's most beautiful faces, including Heidi Klum and Jessica Stam. A recent LA-to-New York transplant, she's known for her "Trainer for the Face" package, which she customizes to fit the unique needs of each and every client: "It's my ultimate goal to help each client achieve his or her maximum skin fitness. Like working out with a physical trainer, our experience is equally active. Much like you build up stamina through physical exercise, your skin will progress through treatment venues, corresponding to specific stages of the treatment." And, like any good trainer, she knows that there's nothing more important than staying hydrated. A former acne sufferer herself, she is an enthusiastic proponent of a simple, skin-clearing philosophy: "Don't dry it out." Of the aforementioned motto, she says, "It doesn't matter if you're a child or an adult, I believe all skin should be moist. With skin that is too dry, pores tend to be smaller and tighter. Here's the downside to smaller pores: all of the impurities that are stored underneath the skin have no way to escape. So, for example, if you're sweating or are having a surge of hormones, none of those impurities can get through the skin and they are trapped." She adds, "In my experience, people with tight skin and smaller pores suffer from acne the worst. Those with larger pores and oily skin don't suffer from the cystic, persistent acne that others do." Her solution for the small-pored among us? Peels, which eliminate dead, tightness-inducing cells on the skin's surface and leave the face moist and glowing. "The goal of my treatments is that you will not ever need to use foundation again," she says. "If your skin is beautiful and in optimal health, you don't need to cover it up."

Dangene's Favorite Products:

1. Shinso Essence and Shinso Mist
2. Amore Pacific Time Response Eye Cream
3. SkinMedica TNS Line
4. Clinique City Stick SPF 15
5. Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion (for the body)

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