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 Stylelist-Beauty Exec Denied Face Cream, Accused of Spying


Stylelist-Beauty Exec Denied Face Cream, Accused of Spying

Spies Like Us? Witness the accused, Jami Heidegger. Jami Photo: Patrick McMullan Beauty execs, be warned: If the story of Jami Heidegger is any indication, you may need to cop a few James Bond moves to score your favorite products. Heidegger is a beauty industry icon. Formerly the president of Kiehl's (her grandfather purchased the company from its original founder in 1921), she sold the company to L'Oreal in 2000 for a cool $150 million. But now, she's being denied her favorite beauty products, for fear that she's a spy. The New York Post reported today that Heidegger was cut off by the Japanese beauty company Shinso, when she ordered two bottles of Shinso Essence, the $200 wrinkle cream that contains two Nobel Prize winning ingredients and is favored by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. When a Shinso rep recognized her name, the company respectfully e-mailed Heidegger to decline her order, said The Post's source. Knowing that Heidegger is in the market to start a new line of her own, Shinso believed that she was ordering their products to analyze the ingredients. Heidegger called this "insulting as well as silly", since manufacturers have to list all ingredients on their labels. What beauty companies aren't required to list is the specific concentration of ingredients. So in Shinso's defense, Heidegger could have been sending the samples to a lab to determine the exact chemical makeup of the product. But, we'd guess she'd need to order more than just 2 bottle to do so. Heidegger's alibi? "I use the product, and I like it." No matter, if you're a known name in the beauty industry, next time you make a purchase we suggest an alias, dark glasses and a wig. Maybe a fake mustache for effect.

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