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GENLUX MAGAZINE-Seriously I can't live without Shinso


GENLUX MAGAZINE-Seriously I can't live without Shinso

Shinso? You ask. never heard of it?  Shinso is one of the best-kept celebrity secrets. With a blend of 70 Japanese herbs and botanicals, Shinso Essence rejuvenates and tightens skin, all while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


This highly penetrating serum contains three of natures' most effective salutary skin factors: SOD, plus two Nobel Prize Winning Discoveries: fullerenes and epidermal growth factor.  I discovered Shinso while interviewing celerity plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Applebaum, when I asked how he kept his own skin looking so youthful. 


The very first time I tried it, I was absolutely astounded by the instant lifting and smoothing results.  Dr. Applebaum, for sharing your best kept beauty secret and allowing me to bask in the youthful glory of Shinso Essence!!

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